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Morning Tide - West Coast National Park


As is including all furnishings and fitted out for 10 pax.

Serviced and maintained weekly by on site staff members. 

Shareblock with Agreement in place. Leveis of 13500 annually per share. one share = 4 full weeks.

TO RENT - accommodates 6 adults + 2 kids (total of 8 pax only recommended by HMO)

CURRENT RENTAL  prices R3500 - 4200 pn. Peak season R7000pn 15 Dec - 15 Jan

88 kms up the West Coast from Cape Town. – perfect weekend getaway

“Morning Tide” is a delightfully simple three bedroom beach cottage.  This beautifully created home is set gently into the landscape above a jade blue ocean lagoon, deep in the West Coast National Park.  Morning Tide offers the opportunity to live in a seaside game reserve, within a short drive from Cape Town.  This location is what its all about.  Never to be reopeated within an hour and a quarter from Cape Town and seldom available to purchase.

COMPARATIVE LOCAL PRICES - currently ther is a property for sale for 15mil and a piece of land for 10 mill.  this is the only opportunity to own a share in this perfet spot for 1 mill.


This hideaway is picture- perfect.  The area is highly protected and land sales are virtually nonexistent.  Cottages are few, and always will be, due to the protection of the Parks Board and the delicate nature of the area.  Morning Tide is a unique and highly valuable ‘Rare Find.’  It offers owners the privilege of a unique nature experience in an otherwise inaccessible area.

The West Coast National Park has an exceptionally rich variety of bird life.  Flamingoes, pelicans, ostrich, eland, kudu, buck and tortoise make their sanctuary here.  On the coastal side, whales and dolphins are regular visitors.

The lagoon offers non-motorized water sports, swimming, and long sandy beaches.  The surrounding park land is perfect for picnics, hiking and cycling.  Given the location in the West Coast National Park, children are free to roam freely in the protected boundaries of the park.  

It’s perfect!

Accommodation - Holds 6 adults + 4 children
•    Two dbl bedrooms – en suite with wood burning stoves
•    One twin bedroom  - en suite
•    Inter leading bunk bedrooms plus toilet [sleeps 4 children]
•    Separate living area comprising lounge, kitchen and dining room
•    Wood burning stove.
•    Verandah with dining and seating area around an open fireplace
•    Views onto the lagoon
•    Outdoor shower
•    Solar panels, bore hole water.
•    Fully maintained and serviced for you.

Arrive with your food, water, toys and suncream - then put your feet up or dip your toes into the lagoon and relax.

Its soulfood.

contact josie hemingway on 



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