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What are the implications for YOU?

Im always looking for new and interesting properties to syndicate.

What I look for is:

A location that is unusually beautiful, with access to nature and any elements that motivate and move you - water, mountains, bush-veldt, beach - a landscape in which to play and rest - one that allows you to breathe and at the same time takes your breath away...

OR - location, location, location i.e. an apartment in London, a villa in Italy, a shack on the beach in Greece.

Architecturally I look for age, character, and a sense of history, something unusual that deserves restoring. A property which may have lost its original value due to a change in lifestyles - and warrants preserving.

OR -the opportunity to create something appropriate on a spectacular piece of land.

What I do:

Usually I ask for time to put a syndicate together (4 months in average).

Then the property is bought from you - there is always an opportunity for you to become part of the syndicate.

Legal documentation is put together.

Renovation, restoration or building takes place.

Interiors are decorated and the property is equipped for occupation.

This process can take from 6 months to 14 months, if a new build is required.

What you have to do:

Send me photos - location, architecture, views, exterior/interior shots. Natural features of the landscape.

Send me information - how many people it accommodates, what there is to do in the surrounding area, any interesting features, and the price you want to achieve. Whether you want to be involved in the new syndicate or not.

Let go - You need to be able to let go of the property and trust me. I always welcome knowledge and information - and - I require the space to do my thing in order to make this work.

The Pros

There is more chance of you achieving your price (especially under the present market conditions)

You get to keep part of something you might otherwise lose.

Beautiful properties are brought back to life and given a new future.

The work is done for you.

The property will increase in value when I have completed my work.

Ownership and all its responsibilities are shared.

The future maintenance of the property is taken care of.

If your plans change and you want to sell your share - you can.

The Cons

You have to learn to share - and - "Sharing is Caring"

I look forward to hearing from you.

Josephine Hemingway