Property Portfolio


1.  What are the main advantages of shared ownership?

Shared ownership is an affordable and sustainable way of owning a second home.  FOs offer an ideal balance between lifestyle and investment.  As a shareholder, you own part of an asset that is maintained and managed for you, allowing you the freedom to enjoy your precious holiday time.  Daily running costs are shared between owners with quarterly levies, and owners have the option of renting their share if they are not using it.

2.  Who manages and maintains the property?

The administrators at Hemingway Portfolio ensure that a highly qualified manager is assigned to each property.  This includes weekly cleaning, inventory checks, stocking the house with consumables, accounting, and administration related to the running of the property.

3.  What is included in the property levies?

Shareholders are required to contribute to a quarterly levy fun.  This fund is used to pay for the running of the property and company and generally includes gas, water, maintenance, repairs, insurance, and so forth.  The levy is made up of costs divided by number of shareholders.