Property Portfolio

Private Syndicate

What is a Syndicate / Fractional Ownership

  • A Private Property Syndicate, often referred to as Shared or Fractional Ownership is a property owned in the name of a shareblock company
  • A limited number of shares (usually 13) are available.
  • like minded investors are invited to purchase shares and become shareholders/owners
  • Shareholders acquire an equity stake in the property proportionate to their level of investment. ie purchase of 2 shares = 2/13 ownership
  • The purchase of shares allows access to the property on a prefixed schedule which rotates annually. (usually 1 share = 4 weeks)
  • A proportion of time is allocated with each share annually

Benefits of Shared Ownership

  • Economically viable ownership of a second home you would not be able/wish to sustain alone
  • Develop access to a number of getaways as opposed to being locked into one
  • Enjoy the privilege of a signature home  by Josie Hemingway Interiors designed to reflect the intimacy of family and friends
  • Share the maintenance and management costs
  • Alleviate any stress associated with ongoing maintenance issues and rely on discrete professional staffing
  • Enjoy access at different times each year with a rotating time schedule which ensures everyone enjoys peak periods
  • Exclusivity is ensured as the number of investors is restricted and selected
  • Limited risk with your investment underwritten in bricks and mortar
  • Possibility of rental income without the admin

What We Do

  • Manage and develop the project from start to finish
  • Hand pick the right properties
  • Carefully select investors to help ensure an appropriate synergy between shareholders
  • Enroll like minded shareholders
  • Provide documentation: sales, shareholders and usage agreements
  • liaise with our legal partners
  • Take transfer of the property
  • Oversee the issue of shares
  • Liase with architects, builders etc
  • Refurbish Ineriors and equip the property for owners
  • Appoint a manager to oversee servicing and maintaining of the property
  • Facilitate rentals and in house time swaps

Our Vision

Current projects will be undertaken is specifically chosen locations both locally and internationally.  Our syndicated properties are always found in unique areas where the integrity of your investment is virtually guaranteed.  We invest in properties within nature reserves, conservation minded communities,  intimate rural villages and other areas where there is restriction to large developments.

Our Associates

We have a network of acclaimed architects, builders and craftsmen, legal advisors and accountants who we regularly work in association with depending on the location and style of the property. Local materials, experience and workforce are employed wherever possible.  We strive towards achieving architectural authenticity to the location and having a low impact on our natural environment.